If you’re considering landscaping with pine trees, it’s important to know a few basic things about the height and life span of the trees you are considering planting.

The height of a pine tree will depend on their species and the environment they are planted. Most grow between 50-150 feet tall. The smallest type of pine tree is the Siberian dwarf pine, found in northeastern Asia.

One of the tallest species is the sugar pine, which stretches from Oregon to Mexico. They can reach up to 216 feet high.


What is the average height of a pine tree?

It’s difficult to determine an average height for pine trees, given their numerous varieties. Other environmental factors influence the tree’s height as well. These include sunlight, soil, and wind. Pine trees prefer full sun exposure and moist, fertile soil.

The most common pines in North America are the Ratiada, White pine and Spruce varieties, all which have an average height of 65ft.

There are four types of pine trees typically. These are dwarf, short, medium, and tall. Dwarves, like the Mugo, can grow 2-5 feet tall. Dwarves tend to only grow one foot per year. Short pine trees, like the Virginia pine, can be between 15-40 feet. Medium trees like the spruce and longleaf pines reach between 50-90 feet tall. Tall pines like the white pine go up to 150 feet, and up to 100 feet for the slash pine.


How long does it take for a pine tree to grow?

Just as pine trees are grouped by how tall they grow, they are also grouped by growth speed. There is slow-growing, medium-fast growing, and fast-growing. Some slow-growing varieties include the Virginia and longleaf pines.


These grow to less than one foot per year. Medium-fast growing like the red and Austrian pines gain 1-2 feet each year. Fast-growing pines reach 2 feet or more per year. Some fast-growing species include the Afghan, Scotch, Loblolly, and Aleppo pines.

You can calculate, therefore, how long it may take a pine tree to grow by multiplying its yearly rate by its expected overall height. Take the Virginia pine, for example. If it reaches 15 feet at its minimum, with less than one foot per year, it will take 15 years or more to reach its full height.


What is the tallest pine tree in the world?

The tallest pine tree in the world is a ponderosa pine reaching 268.3 feet. It’s found in the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon. There are many ponderosa pines surrounding the tallest one, all of them measuring over 250 feet high. The tallest pine tree in the world is nicknamed “Phalanx” and was climbed and measured by Portland arborist Will Koomjan. Oregon is also home to the world’s tallest sugar pine, measuring 255 feet high. This sugar pine is in Umpqua National Forest.


Do pine trees ever stop growing?

Yes and no. Their trunks will continue to expand, adding rings. But their height will generally remain fixed. Like people, pine trees grow more slowly as they age. A pine tree will add between 1 and 2 feet in height per year. As it gets older, this growth becomes less and less every year.


Once the pine tree completely stops growing and beings to decay you might need to think about getting it pruned for safety or eventually you will need to remove the tree.

How fast do pine trees grow in a year?

The annual growth of pine trees varies by species. The growth rate is between less than 1 - 2 feet. Pine trees typically add one new whorl (level of branches) per year. You can guess the age of a pine tree by counting its number of whorls. A better way to determine age is by counting the number of rings on a cross-section of a pine tree’s trunk. To accurately count rings this way, you should know the difference between “earlywood” and “latewood.”


“Earlywood” is produced in the spring, and noted by its large cells and thin cell walls. “Latewood” comes in as the season drags on and has smaller cells and thicker cell walls. Growth rings are only visible because of the contrast between earlywood and latewood.

How long can a pine tree live?

Pine trees can live between 100-1000 years. The Great Basin bristlecone pine is the species that lives the longest. The White Mountains of California are the home to a bristlecone pine named “Methuselah” which is one of the world’s longest-living organisms. The tree is 4,600 years old.


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